Our doctors build a complete picture by testing your hormone levels. Getting your hormones tested is the first step in the weight loss process.

Once you’ve tracked your symptoms – the tiredness, the lack of sex drive, the acne, the weight gain – back to your hormones, you’re already on the right path, headed towards good health. But, what’s next? However you choose to pursue treatment, you will need to get your hormones tested. The results can provide the confirmation you and your healthcare provider need to move forward and make important decisions.

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Hormone Level Testing

The hormone levels test comprises a blood analysis of a variety of different panels (blood markers). The hormone specialist looks at your complete blood count (CBC), lipid panel, and a variety of hormone levels to check for imbalances.

To accurately assess HGH, testosterone, or hCG levels, you will not eat or drink anything after midnight of the evening before your scheduled test. The blood specimen collection takes place first thing in the morning at a laboratory in your area.

Once the doctor receives the results from the lab, he or she can assess your situation by comparing the findings to your physical examination report. An assessment of your symptoms and health history complete the diagnostic process.

Depending on the blood test results, our specialized make your hormone personalized weight loss plan and you get a prescription.