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The many benefits of HGH therapy are greatly appreciated by people interested in improving their quality of life.

Human Growth Hormone is like the silver bullet of medicine, capable of correcting and/or reversing many of the disorders usually associated with aging.

Let’s discuss the 10 HGH benefits people most research when deciding to participate in a six-month program. These include:

  • Build Stronger, healthier muscles
  • Maximize weight loss ability
  • Increase libido/sex drive
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Rejuvenate aging skin/tissue
  • Improve immune system function
  • Increase cardiac output
  • Increase energy
  • Lower lipid panels
  • Improve organ function

1. Build Stronger Healthier Muscles

When the brain releases Growth Hormone into the bloodstream, it travels through the vascular system where it ends up in the liver. There it is processed and converted into IGF-1.

IGF-1 is a protein. It is in charge of stimulating the regeneration and development of healthy cells and tissue. This happens throughout the body as needed.

The quality of a muscle obtained from the introduction of IGF-1 (converted HGH), is a tougher, more rigid, and efficient type of muscle. This is the reason hormone specialists typically recommend a combination therapy.

Patients on testosterone understand that ‘solely’ focusing on this form of therapy to achieve larger muscles, end up with lackluster results. Yes, testosterone therapy helps enlarge muscles and improves the participant’s strength. However, muscle growth and expansion from only a testosterone regimen typically produces a less rigid muscle. It’s also important to note that, in this case, muscle size is mainly a result of high water retention in the cells.

HGH therapy helps patients who are working out to recover faster and build stronger, leaner muscles.

2. Maximize Weight Loss Ability

Every aspect of our body is instructed by the endocrine system’s main gland and its secreted hormone: the pituitary and GH. This includes our heartbeat, moods, sleep patterns, hair and nail growth, and, yes, even the metabolism.

It is not uncommon, as we age, to notice a decline in how easily we can lose weight or maintain a healthy physique.

Low levels of GH result in weaker signals to the metabolism. That system then processes foods less efficiently.

Normalizing Growth Hormone concentrations in the body can revert metabolic function to its original, healthier performance level.

Completing a six-month program of HGH therapy will help patients return to the metabolic operative conditions they experienced in their youth. The results are that they remember when GH levels were optimal in their bloodstream.

3. Increase Sex Drive

The desire to have sex and/or the ability to participate in the activity is directly associated with our:

  • Mood
  • Energy Levels
  • Self-esteem
  • Overall outlook

If we think or feel that we “are not right” in some way, we typically decide not to partake in sexual activity.

Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy can help improve libido and sexual function by:

  • Normalizing cerebral biochemistry (Improves mood and self-outlook. Recuperates endocrine function, helping to balance all hormones in the brain)
  • Improving body composition (Due to denser muscles and reduced weight)
  • Improving cardiac output (Results in better stamina and reproductive-system function)

When a person is feeling great about themselves and everything is operating correctly, the desire to express their sexuality is more eminent. It more easily becomes a natural part of their human experience.

4. Accelerate Wound Healing

Section 1 provides details of the process by which Growth Hormone is converted into IGF-1.

Growth factor receptors are located all throughout the body. These receptors send out signals, calling upon IGF-1, released by the liver, to help regenerate new cells and tissue wherever needed.

Depleting levels of Growth Hormone in the body negatively impacts this process. This decreases the body’s ability to heal injured or damaged tissue.

If a young child and an older person experience comparable injuries on their bodies, it is anticipated the child will heal more quickly. Furthermore, the quality of that tissue reparation is also expected to be better.

Increasing Growth Hormone levels, via a prescribed HGH program, has been clinically proven to assist the body in its healing process. This, together with a healthy immune system, as discussed in section 6, helps to ensure better quality in tissue regeneration.

The healing process is also sped up with healthier GH levels.

5. Rejuvenate Aging Skin Tissue

Healthy Growth Hormone levels allow for more IGF-1 to flow through the vascular system. This makes IGF-1 more readily available. When GH levels begin to decrease, one of the first places this reduction is noticed is in the appearance of aging skin. It is also obvious by damaged or improperly healed tissue. Low HGH = Less IGF-1 = Less tissue/cell regeneration

Thierry Hertoghe, MD, at the Academic of General Medicine of Belgium, showed improvement and cosmetic appearance in another recent study of 48 people who injected a very low dose of Growth Hormone. Studies showed the following results:

Cosmetic Improvements of Appearance:

  • Facial wrinkles 71.0%
  • Bags under the eyes 65.8%
  • Drooping cheeks 75.5%
  • Double chin 62.5%
  • Sagging triceps 60.7%
  • Abdomen flatter 48.0%
  • Aged hands 41.6%
  • Bulges above knees 41.2%
  • Small lips fuller 25.0%
  • Gingival shrinking 20.0%

Clinical studies have shown that HGH changes the way the body responds to moisture. In fact, this is why administering unhealthy amounts of Human Growth Hormone can result in water retention in the joints.

It is imperative that patients on HGH therapy only administer the amounts prescribed by their treating physician.

After a complete medical file has been turned in, our doctors will organize the most beneficial home regimen. Following a specialized, age management doctor’s instructions can help promote supple, firmer tissue/skin.

With HGH therapy, healthier tissue will regenerate, not only in the exterior but internally as well.

Remember, our organs need to be properly hydrated in order to function efficiently. Human Growth Hormone therapy, when properly administered, can help with this process.

6. Improve Immune System Function

As discussed in section 2, Growth Hormone regulates and instructs all biological functions that keep us alive. There have been medical studies conducted on the effects of Human Growth Hormone on the immune system.

After a six-month period of high repetition/low-dose administration of HGH, studies show an overall improved function of the immune system. There is a recorded increase in its capacity to fight illness and disease.

Because Human Growth Hormone maximizes how the body’s organs work, with less effort, it is not tired from wasted energy. This results in a better mood overall. It is also reflected in the patient’s ability to remain healthy and recover more quickly from unfortunate system conditions.

Human Growth Hormone’s main objective is the regeneration of healthy cells. Every tissue in our body, and all their functions, has cellular activity as a common denominator.

Healthy HGH levels = Healthy cells = Healthy tissue/system functions.

7. Increase Cardiac Output

The heart is one of the most important organs in support of a healthy life and existence. It supplies blood to every organ, tissue, and cell in the body.

People who experience cardiac or circulatory issues can suffer from a number of unfortunate conditions that stop them from living even a standard quality of life.

It’s important to know the heart is a muscle. If you understand the roles HGH, and then IGF-1, play in the regeneration of muscle tissue fibers, a little more needs to be discussed. It should be clear they perform an imperative and intricate part in maintaining the heart’s strength and performance level.

Healthy levels of Growth Hormone in the bloodstream make all biological processes more efficient. As a result, it allows for better functioning organ and filtration systems. The outcome is cleaner vascular passageways, further improving the heart’s efficiency and output.

Clean vascular passageways provide an easier flow of blood, requiring less exertion and stress on the heart.

8. Increase Energy

Human Growth Hormone works to improve all biological system functions.

HGH works at the core by promoting the regeneration of new cells. Its primary function is to govern all aspects of the endocrine system. When the immune system is healthy, it results in an improved function of everything that keeps us alive and moving.

Healthier tissue and organs are stressed from working harder to overcompensate for other tissue and organs not working well. By using HGH, which helps all systems function appropriately, energy is more competently distributed and not wasted. This provides our system the strength to function more efficiently throughout the day.

Clinical studies have also proven that adequate levels of Growth Hormone promote healthier brain biochemistry. The appropriate release of all required, mind-impacting, and mood-altering cerebral hormones improves the quality of sleep the body receives when it’s at rest.

9. Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

When our bodies and their governing systems are not working appropriately, side effects emerge in the form of illness and disease.

As discussed in more detail in section 2, our metabolic function is directly correlated to how healthy our GH levels are. When our Growth Hormone levels are not optimal, there are glitches in our metabolic processes, which result in conditions such as:

  • Digestive issues
  • Acid reflux
  • Colitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Other digestive problems

Along the same lines, our biological filtration systems, including our kidneys and the liver, are also functioning at a less ideal rate.

Cardiac output and vascular flow are negatively impacted by a less operative system when low Growth Hormone levels are confirmed through Blood Work.

The sum of these weakened functions manifests as accumulations in our arterial and vascular walls. High cholesterol and potentially harmful triglyceride levels go hand-in-hand with low Growth Hormone levels.

Controlled studies demonstrate that increasing Growth Hormone levels to reflect optimal levels, as typically produced in a person’s youth, can reverse unfortunate lipid conditions.

Incorporating a healthy diet and exercise routine greatly increases the speed at which cholesterol values change to healthier numbers.

10. Improve Organ Function

A lot of people are interested in the benefits of a Human Growth Hormone therapy program. This is mainly because of the improvements it can bestow upon the individual’s visible physique. It has already been clinically proven that participating in HGH therapy can increase the clarity of the skin and suppleness as well as improve body composition. All of this is a result of a better functioning biological system. Let’s consider a few points detailing how Growth Hormone improves internal organ function:

  • Improving and strengthening tissue fibers
  • Helping the blood supply flow through a more efficient cardiovascular system
  • Improving water retention and hydration
  • Accelerating cellular regeneration
  • Enhancing neighboring and collaborating organ systems
  • Accelerated healing and better immune function, which decreases the stress of overexertion on other organs

Indeed, maintaining healthy levels of Growth Hormone can better ensure optimal functionality of all our body’s processes. This results in, not only a healthier body but, a healthier way of living and the ability to live it.

Better Life Quality with HGH

Every function of our body is initiated by the release of hormones from the related gland. Because GH oversees all of those, research shows maintaining healthy Growth Hormone levels is the first step to ensuring better biological and system functions.

As we have discussed, Growth Hormone is the master hormone. It regulates other glandular secretions better when its levels are optimal. Safeguarding optimum levels is the best way to maintain a healthy and well-functioning body.

When the body is working correctly, that person’s self-esteem and psychological response to their healthy physique encourage a better outlook on life. This also helps them respond better to their surroundings and circumstances, whether they are positive or not.

If you have bloodwork you would like for us to review, our physicians at our clinic would be happy to provide you with recommendations at no charge. This way, we can help you determine if an HGH program is a good alternative to improve the medical conditions you may be experiencing. If you do not have updated bloodwork available, there’s no need to worry. Our specialized consultants, along with the assistance of our clinical services department, will locate a nearby testing center to your home.

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