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What Are the Benefits of Hormonal Therapy?

10 Main advantages of human growth hormone (HGH) therapy.
The many benefits of HGH therapy are greatly appreciated by people interested in improving their quality-of-life.

Human Growth Hormone is like the silver-bullet of medicine, capable of correcting and/or reversing many of the disorders usually associated with aging.

Let’s discuss the 10 HGH benefits people most research when deciding to participate in a six-month program. These include:

    1. Build Stronger, healthier muscles.
      HGH therapy helps patients who are working-out to recover faster and build stronger, leaner muscles.
    2. Maximize weight loss ability.
      Normalizing Growth Hormone concentrations in the body can revert metabolic function to its original, healthier performance level.
    3. Increase libido/sex drive.
      Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy can help improve libido and sexual function by:
      – Normalizing cerebral biochemistry (Improves mood and self-outlook. Recuperates endocrine function, helping to balance all hormones in the brain).
      – Improving body composition (Due to denser muscles and reduced weight)
      – Improving cardiac output (Results in better stamina and reproductive-system function)
    4. Accelerate wound healing.
      Increasing Growth Hormone levels, via a prescribed HGH program, has been clinically proven to assist the body in its healing process. 
    5. Rejuvenate aging skin/tissue. Clinical studies have shown that HGH changes the way the body responds to moisture. Following a specialized, age management doctor’s instructions can help promote supple, firmer tissue/skin. With HGH therapy, healthier tissue will regenerate, not only in the exterior but internally as well.
    6. Improve immune system function.
      After a six-month period of high repetition/low-dose administration of HGH, studies show an overall improved function of the immune system. There is a recorded increase in its capacity to fight illness and disease.
    7. Increase cardiac output. Healthy levels of Growth Hormone in the bloodstream make all biological processes more efficient. As a result, it allows for better functioning organ and filtration systems. The outcome is cleaner vascular passageways, further improving the heart’s efficiency and output. Clean vascular passageways provide an easier flow of blood, requiring less exertion and stress on the heart.
    8. Increase energy.
      By using HGH, which helps all systems function appropriately, energy is more competently distributed and not wasted. This provides our system the strength to function more efficiently throughout the day. Clinical studies have also proven that adequate levels of Growth Hormone promote healthier brain biochemistry. The appropriate release of all required, mind-impacting, and mood-altering cerebral hormones improves the quality of sleep the body receives when it’s at rest.
    9. Lower lipid panels.
      Controlled studies demonstrate that increasing Growth Hormone levels to reflect optimal levels, as typically produced in a person’s youth, can reverse unfortunate lipid conditions. Incorporating HGH therapy, a healthy diet, and exercise routine greatly increases the speed in which cholesterol values change to healthier numbers.
    10. Improve organ function.
      Maintaining healthy levels of Growth Hormone can better ensure optimal functionality of all our body’s processes. This results in, not only a healthier body but, a healthier way of living and the ability to live it.

Because GH oversees all of those, research shows maintaining healthy Growth Hormone levels is the first step to ensuring better biological and system functions.

 Do You Know About These TRT Benefits?

Learn about: Testosterone Therapy

  1. Do you know about the improvements in sexual desire and function it provides?
    Most men know that testosterone is required for fueling their sex drive and sexual performance. Men who have developed ED (erectile dysfunction), an abnormally low sex drive, and have clinically verified Low T levels are excellent candidates for testosterone replacement therapy. However, a physical examination and full review of the patient’s medical history are required before a valid prescription for using testosterone can be issued by the physician.
  2. Do you know that testosterone therapy also improves your bone density?
    In both younger and older men with testosterone deficiency, the prevalence rates for bone fractures, osteoporosis, and osteopenia are notably higher. In fact, men with low testosterone levels have a 50% greater chance of developing osteoporosis than men with normal levels. Medical research has substantiated that testosterone plays a major role in BMD (bone mineral density; so keeping your testosterone levels normalized helps to keep your bones stronger for longer.
  3. Do you know what bodybuilders know about testosterone?
    They know that it has a dramatic effect on improving body composition, overall strength, and lean muscle mass.
    Using testosterone therapy correctly will produce many desirable physical changes in a patient’s body composition, such as decreasing fat mass, increasing lean muscle mass, and enhancing strength parameters.
  4. Do you know that testosterone therapy can improve mood and energy?
    In men with testosterone deficiency, studies have shown that using TRT has a positive effect on improved moods and general wellbeing while reducing their chronic irritability and fatigue. However, randomized control trials have consistently supported the benefits of testosterone therapy in regard to the quality of life measures, such as emotional wellbeing and dependable energy levels.
  5. Do you know that TRT makes you less susceptible to metabolic syndrome?
    Men and women with testosterone deficiency often present many of the components of metabolic syndrome, which are hypertension; obesity; insulin resistance; and impaired glucose regulation. Testosterone replacement therapy provides patients with a substantially reduced risk for developing these conditions.
  6. Do you know that restoring your testosterone levels can make you sharper?
    The relationship between low testosterone and cognitive deficits is one that researchers are continuing to define. While the clinical trials performed to date have been of relatively short duration, they have shown that testosterone supplementation appears to provide improvements in cognitive function. These include improved verbal and spatial memory, along with mathematical reasoning. Adequate testosterone levels have also been shown to correlate with faster mental processing speeds.

HGH vs Testosterone

It is important to be aware of all of the benefits of testosterone therapy because you are not just going to be treating your troublesome symptoms; you are going to be correcting their biological cause. The goal of medically prescribed TRT is to make patients healthier overall and the hormone therapy medical professionals at HRT Vitality Clinic never lose sight of that goal.

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